Simple Site

This Is The First Impression

You can place whatever you like here to describe the rest of the website for your target audience. Remember the number one goal with a simple site is to understand your customers or clients better using analytics.

Second Impression: all about you

You can create a more emotional connection here by illustrating what you offer by creating a video or adding a previous commercial or video you have done in the past. People feel safer calling or filling out a form if they know who is calling them back!

Call To Action

Tell them exactly what you want to happen now

What Do You Offer?

Display Them

Just think keywords and SEO here. Also showcase your best stuff!

Sell It

Even if your product is inside a physical store, sell them here by describing the awesomeness that you have!

Educate Them

Pretend your audience has no idea who you are or what you sell. Tell them why and how to use your product or service.


Do you offer custom options? Write about it here and answer questions before they have to look for that option elsewhere!

Modify This

Analytical data will tell you what is working and not working throughout the page. Watch the included lessons and use this technique and stop guessing! It works!

Not This Many?

This section can have: 1,2,3,4,6 parts to it and still look nicely because of how responsive flexbox programming works. Just make your selection at project questionaire.


Separate The Rows One More